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The Importance of Goal-Setting

March 22, 2009

Some people are averse to goal-setting, stating that it is “too rigid” and makes them feel constricted.  I can actually relate to this feeling, and have inclinations within myself to avoid any kind of structure and instead, to trust myself to make the right decisions moment-to-moment.  I commend anyone who can live well this way, and have the internal discipline and Consciousness to live purposefully and achieve their general aims without goal-setting.

In my experience, however, setting and tracking goals is critical to success.  Putting our aims on paper (or computer) helps to clarify and solidify our commitments.  Not only do I set and review annual goals, but I do a quarterly assessment, weekly vision plan and track progress towards certain goals daily.  I like looking at my goals and time in weekly blocks – “there are 168 hours in a week; what do I want to achieve this week?”  Sound a bit obsessive?  Well it can be sometimes, but I feel alright about it, because it helps me increase my will power, discipline and overall satisfaction in life.  Some weeks, I am more conscious of my goals than others, and my overall process is not full-proof (yet).  Maybe it never needs to be, as long as I feel that I feel good about myself and see myself generally going in the right direction.   I have tried many goal-tracking systems and tools – from Tony Robbins RPM to Stephen Covey’s system to various web-based tracking tools.  I really like this simple new tool from a website called, which also has a corresponding book.


I urge you to check out this social networking site, which easily allows you to set goals, see who else and how many people share your goals, track your progress through blog entries, that can be connected to your primary blog (if you have one), set reminders, set reminders, share your success stories, cheer on others, get advice from others who have attained what you’re striving for and receive encouragement as you progress.  It’s a really neat and positive website, that is easy to use and practical.

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