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Wake Up Call: Does Cell Phone Use Increase Risks of Brain Cancer?

April 25, 2009

cellphone_brainI do believe that cell phone use is a detriment to our health and increases the likelihood of getting cancer.  And while I do not directly have the scientific evidence of this in hand, there is enough research and data at hand, in my view, for us all to take this matter quite seriously.  Must we always wait for definitive, irrefutable ‘scientific’ evidence before taking reasonable precautions, especially when it comes to our health?

A warning was given by Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, Director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, who warned recently that we should not wait for a definitive study to conclude that cell phones are dangerous.  He thinks that we ought to act now, and I agree 100%!  Recently, a friend of mine emailed me this video clip from 60 Minutes Australia about the link between cell phone use and brain cancer. It’s only 13-minutes long – I urge you to watch it.

We can spend our lives waiting for guidance from our government and mainstream media, whose best interests often in conflict with that of the people; or we can use our intuition, actively research non-mainstream sources, which tend to be more objective, and then take action.  Personally, I have always tried to minimize my cell phone use and talk on land lines whenever possible.  When I speak on my cell phone for more than 10 minutes, I generally feel a bit light-headed.  Using the speaker phone or an ear piece is highly advisable to minimize the risks, that I believe we will learn a lot more about in the coming years.  Hopefully, good scientists will have proper, “no strings attached” funding to conduct more experiments, whilethe mainstream media will have the courage to publicize the truth.  T-Mobile, Verizon and Cingular won’t be too happy and may pull their advertising budgets though, so media property owners will be cautious about exposing the booming mobile industry.   I just got the thought that mobile is like the next oil industry – a technology that is rising to meet exploding demand, and certainly with tremendous benefits, but at what price?

Let’s not get extreme here.  I think that it is important to keep up with the ways of the modern world, but not to get lost in it.  The explosion of technology, from mobile, to Internet, to gaming, while expanding our options and opportunities in life in many ways, also threatens to detach us from nature and human interaction.  When was the last time that you spent a full day without using a phone, television or the Internet?  Running a technology company, I find it hard to break away from the “always on” connectivity to one form of technology or the other.  One of my goals for 2009 is to have at least 50 days of “No Tech” or “Low Tech”, for which I plan to start a club called “No Tech 50” or something similar.  The purpose is to give myself a chance to disconnect from the virtual world and mental hyperactivity, while reconnecting with nature and my inner world.

As it comes to the issue of cell phones, I will not be waiting for the definitive scientific conclusion, which may never come.  The Powers that Be have too much revenue to lose to honestly expose the Truth in this case – as in the case of chemicals in food and much else that would disrupt the flow of consumerism.  Be smart and hear this wake up call!

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