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The Timeless Influence of A Mother’s Spirit

May 28, 2009

[Written on December 17, 2002]

AnimationMother_holoJust visited Mom’s grave, while listening to Persian music.  I sat in the car and cried.  I had a warm feeling.  This experience is taking me to a different place.  It gets me thinking about her purpose and what she brought to the world.  I see myself through the reflection of Mom and Dad both, and how their marriage spawned a being like myself, who is trying to marry their two different but complementary philosophies into one, evolved way of thinking and living.  I respect and love what Mom stood for – Love itself, family, friends, comm-unity, fun, creativity, support – all things inclusive and social.  I promised her, today at the grave, that I would finish her work, or at least take it to the next level.  I also asked for guidance in my own life and personal relationships.

I got to thinking about how differently kids are raised here from different cultures around the world.  Is it better?  I look at the statistics on overweight children, as well as the scores on standardized tests, and I am not really sure.  I don’t believe that there is really a readily accessible and objective “Quality of Life” measurement, although I have seen some sociologist reports on it.  Where would I want to raise my kids, if I had any?  Do I want to have kids?  How do relationships with partners whose perceptions and connotations of family life differ from one’s own profoundly, affect that person’s views and life vision?  I believe that it can open our minds to different possibilities, but it can also shift what one thinks they want.

Naturally, children of their parents are connected in more ways than we can imagine; and I see truth in this.  My lifestyle and perspective has indeed shifted dramatically in the past three months since Mom has passed – to a more inclusive, community-oriented mindset.  Think about all of this more Arman.  You are on to some good ideas.

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