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The Effect of Wealth and Poverty on Relationships

May 29, 2009

[Written on December 17, 2002]

monogamy “In a romantic relationship, a man’s loyalty is best tested during times of abundance and wealth, while a woman’s loyalty is on trial during times of lack or poverty.”

– Arman Rousta

I believe that the ideal relationship would takes partners through both stages for extended periods of time (several years), giving each partner the ‘test’ of a challenging situation.  Understandably, this is not always feasible.

I got to thinking about this by observing some of the wealthy men that I know, and how tough it is for them to be monogamous.  On the other hand, I see women and how they are generally drawn to power, wealth, money, and materialistic things.   My underlying assumption and personal belief when it comes to relationships, is that monogamy is “the right thing to do”.  Others disagree, and I have certainly heard from several people (mostly men) that they believe that monogamy is not in tune with human nature.  The issue of whether monogamy is a moral obligation is a loaded one that we will get into further in upcoming entries.

Back to the core statement, I am starting to investigate what other people think about this topic.  Of course, there are other forms of power that can influence both men and women in different ways.  How about the dynamic where a woman has greater social influence and earning power than her man?  Or where one or the other is a high-profile athlete or celebrity?

I do not claim that my quote is full-proof or 100% accurate by any means – in fact, I know that it is not.  To some degree, the statement may be clouded by my own subjective experiences and observations of others.  It just felt right when I first wrote it.  So let us ponder this, and come back with a more in-depth discussion over time.

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  1. Aaron permalink
    January 15, 2011 3:23 am

    I think you are touching upon a truth from the evolutionary psychology perspective. If a man has limited capital, how can he afford the relationship?

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