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FAN-aticism at its Worst

May 22, 2011

Main aggressor in San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow beating case in custody – ESPN Los Angeles.

Violence.  Extremism.  Terror.  Irrationality at its worst.  No we’re not talking about terrorists in the Middle East.  We’re talking about Los Angeles, USA.  These are just a few words we can use to describe some of the worst possible behavior from human beings that we can see.  A man violently beaten due to his holding of different beliefs – he cheered for a different team.

One might think that this is rare behavior, but it is not.  Through my years in sports, as a player, fan and spectator, I know how highly emotions can run when we get fanatical about our teams.  It’s one of the reasons that I’ve started moving away from sports fanship, because of these ugly extremes and emotional exuberance that often lead to this kind of behavior.  Combine this type of emotionalism with other stimulants that take us away from our center, such as consuming excessive alcohol, and you’re going to end up with the police involved one way or another.

If we want to deal with terrorism, it’s right here at home…and everywhere that people get too attached to one thing or another, losing their Consciousness and sight of the fact that it truly is just a game.  Unless you have money riding on it – that’s a different story, and another conversation altogether!

Be Peaceful.  Avoid emotionally charged situations and attachments.  Find more constructive ways to channel your energy and escape from the grind.  Let’s evolve past human animalism/fanaticism.

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