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#OccupyWallStreet – Marching Forth in the Face of Ignorance and Corruption

September 22, 2011

I really didn’t know much about #OccupyWallStreet until Friday 9/16 when our office manager at Blueliner got a notice from the building that some protestors were staging a rally “to take over Wall Street” on Saturday 9/17, and that it could be dangerous.  Well, when I showed up for work on Monday, there they were, still protesting (Day 3)…peacefully, with intelligent points and demands, exercising their civil liberties.  And there also were hundreds of NYPD cops, with barricades preventing protestors (and the rest of us) from walking on Wall Street or Broad Street freely.  While it’s not Tahrir Square or Iran’s Green Revolution quite yet, I think that these protestors are on to something.  I’m not totally sure (yet) who is behind them or exactly what their master plan is; but I am pretty sure that they’re scaring the “powers that be” in our entrenched government, media and business circles – the 1% elites that control the rest of Americans (and the world population to a large degree) like puppets.

It is not surprising, but worthy of note, that the mainstream media has refused to cover these protests and is doing their best to marginalize this demonstration as something akin to a harmless college campus protest that will pass in a few days.  Maybe it will pass…but I do feel something different here.  I’ve never been an activist or protestor type – and maybe this is just hitting home with me because I have to literally walk through Liberty Square to get from the WTC PATH to my office on Wall Street every single day!  Being a Wall Street residing CEO, you would think that signs like the one above – “Fire Your Boss” – would scare me and pit me against these “jobless vigilantes”.  That is not the case.  I agree with almost everything that I’ve seen and heard from them so far, although the movement and manner in which people are participating still seems very raw.  There is an intelligence behind it, and a peaceful wave of activism that seems like it belongs in Seattle or San Francisco more than New York.  I’m happy to see this energy here, and aimed at what I agree is the biggest fraud in today’s world – Wall Street’s corrupt financial system that I believe perpetrates, enables and feeds off of the pillaging of the world’s human labor and natural resources for the benefit of an elite group of sinister people that obviously do not want to see their house of cards collapse.  Well, I have news for the perpetrators – the system that is “too big to fail” has already failed – is in the process of failing before our eyes.  Our whole system of governance and financial management, including the Fed, stock exchanges and financial regulation, are about to collapse – mainly because they are not in line with what is natural, viable and sustainable for the betterment of a society.  The war-mongering, greed-feeding, anti-humanist platform that has somehow pervaded (or better put, invaded) American society, mainly by taking control of our decision-making power centers, is finally getting exposed.  No wonder the mainstream media, which is part of this charade, doesn’t want to cover it – to avoid transparency and save its own ass.  Well, if they won’t cover it, eye witnesses and bloggers like myself must!  Here is a clip from today.  I’ll try to upload more pictures and videos throughout the week, since I walk through there daily.

Whether or not this particular protest sets off a full-scale revolution or not, I really don’t know.  Are people here fed up enough yet to take to the streets – almost, maybe, we’ll see!  But they certainly need to know what’s going on, and why people are upset.  Politicians and our entire political system is out of touch and incapable of serving people and solving the problems at hand – which is in large part, the system itself.  It’s broken, and we are all starting to come to grips with that quite scary reality.  Scary as it may be, ignorance or defense of it is worse.  It’s better to take the pill and be on the side of those that want to do something about it – to revamp the system entirely, because that is what I believe we need.  I think that’s what these protests are about.  Over the coming days, I will learn more, and report it here.  I hope someone out there is listening.

#OccupyWallStreet – spread the word, because mainstream media certainly is failing (intentionally) to do so!  I think this goes to the (potential) power of Social Media.  All of the things that our Western media is so quick to jump on when it happens on the other side of the world, sending crews to the Middle East and coming up with clever names like “The Arab Spring” – see how we fail to recognize and report on our own dysfunction?  The problems in our own country and system are vast, potentially much worse than what is happening elsewhere.  Let’s pay attention instead of being diverted by supposed opportunity and entertainment.  Stop tuning this out – it’s time to start tuning in!

What else can we do in the face of daunting ignorance, greed, manipulation and corruption…except to fight the good fight, and March Forth!

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  1. September 22, 2011 3:39 am

    Thank you for taking the risk to stand up for the truth! Your perspective vividly illustrates the power of shared humanity transcending superficial categories. All these bankrupt stereotypes and false divisions have prevented people from uniting to create a just and reasonable society, but when people like you share their stories from the heart, the reality becomes obvious.

    I have been doing all I can to spread the word, and this post will be HUGELY helpful with my broadly diverse circle of friends. If this movement gets traction, it will present a fabulous opportunity to share practical ideas for systemic change and inspire most of the 99% to take positive collective action. I hope that happens quickly enough to provide lifeboats in the coming shipwreck. (Wildly optimistic, I know, but people can do amazing things when they must. And many have been testing various grassroots alternative economy ideas for a long time now.)

    So far, I’m seeing about a 2.2% response rate to posts on this topic on FB, and my one other vocal friend’s stats show around 2.4% of all his friends acknowledging his OWS posts. Figuring those numbers actually reminded me of the “innovator” stage of “Diffusion of Innovations” process (see Wikipedia). Apparently, at the start of a movement, only 2.5% of the potential adopters will get on board. So, for me, knowing it’s perfectly normal for people to be slow to take note makes it easier to deal with the frustration of feeling a bit ignored. I hope my hasty interpretation of Rogers’ theory is accurate enough to encourage you, also.

    Thanks again. I hope your ventures prosper as you continue to work for the good!

    • October 13, 2011 8:18 pm

      You are very welcome – and thank you as well for your active work. I appreciate the response rates data, which makes sense. I find there are 3 camps amongst my friends right now – 1) interested, commenting, watching; 2) annoyed, wish I would shut up about it; and 3) ignoring, tuning out. It’s ok, it won’t stop me. If the media won’t cover anything or cover it with a negative slant that serves its own corporate, establishment interests, then someone (or many) has to! Good luck and peace be with you!

  2. selqniq permalink
    September 22, 2011 11:24 pm

    super post!


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