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This Is What Democracy Looks Like! Occupy Wall Street is the Real Deal.

October 7, 2011

After all those years of reading glorified (and mostly skewed) history books, and learning about America’s Founding Fathers, I developed an idealism of what this country was based on and the revolutionaries that brought it into existence.  As I came into maturity, never in my 20 years of adult life, have I felt that inspiration from the system that we have now.  There is a disconnect.  Instead, like most everyone else, I have been disenfranchised and turned off by the corruption, hypocrisy and overall ineptitude of leadership in the U.S., across government, media and business sectors.  Most politicians just don’t seem credible; and once you peek under the hood, even just a little bit, it all becomes clear.  We are being fooled.

Everything changed on September 17, 2011.  The Occupy Wall Street movement started.  As an American, I have something to be proud of, for the first time in a long time.  While I have a lot to say on the topic, here are some quick hits, to get started.  Over the coming weeks and months, as the movement spreads, I will expound upon these topics further.

* Political Parties are just a distraction. The current two party system is completely broken, as they are simply two sides of the same, self-sustaining coin. Don’t fall into this trap. We need something new altogether, that has not been seen yet in American politics.  We need another revolution.

* “This is what democracy looks like” chanted the crowd of protestors as they circled Wall Street on their twice a day march yesterday (Day 20).  I really like that.  This IS what democracy (should) look like, feel like and act like – an assembly of vastly diverse personality types, races and classes – with varying opinions and non-uniform views on social topics; but all united under the general premise of equality, ethics and fairness in our society. They/we ALL realize that this has not been the case, by any means.  Simply put, America, and many of our people, have become corrupted by greed and power.  We have been duped, by the “Powers that Be”. We are currently being manipulated, although people, through various channels, including this movement, are starting to wake up.  Some people, in reality, have always been awake, and have spoken up about it in the past.  Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Jeffrey Sachs, Cornel West, and more.  But this leaderless movement has more momentum than anything we have seen in the past.  It is truly our country’s Matrix moment – red pill or blue pill? For those movie buffs out there, this is also akin to The Truman Show movie, when Truman finally realizes that the whole thing is a scam that is designed to make him think it’s real.  Once you discover the true nature of affairs, it is impossible to ignore the fraud or pretend it’s OK anymore.  It is not OK – it never has been; we just didn’t have critical mass of Conscious people before.  It’s time to break free.

* The movement can be misconstrued to be “anti-business”, which in reality, it is not.  It is against big business bullying and manipulation.  I would like to explore how Entrepreneurs can get involved.  I hope to speak to the protestors, and encourage them to engage Small Businesses, and promote entrepreneurship amidst its ranks.  Well, they already seem quite enterprising, given what has been achieved in organizing groups, posting great videos and pictures, and utilizing digital media.  As CEO of a digital media company, I’m proud of this group’s work!  I want to tell the story about why this is good FOR US, SMB America.

* How YOU/Anyone can get involved. You don’t need to camp out at night, be homeless or jobless to participate! Just stop by, spend a couple of hours at your local #Occupy hotspot. Talk to people, learn about the issues. Take pictures and post them to your Facebook. Go home and tweet, blog or email people about it. Discuss with your families, co-workers and local communities. It is very important to our country’s future that this movement does not die down or get warped into something else by the tricky media and corporate manipulators.

The People’s Media

Read THE REAL Occupy Wall Street Journal, not the corrupt corporate-backed fantasy version.

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