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Why one of the World’s Smartest People, Jeffrey Sachs (Columbia Professor), Supports Occupy Wall Street

October 13, 2011

There is good reason why Jeffrey Sachs and 200+ other Columbia professors support Occupy Wall Street –

Many people consider this movement a fad or some misguided waste of time. Well, frankly, those folks couldn’t be further off. There is a reason why the entirety of Wall Street has been barricaded since Occupy Wall Street started on September 17, 2011. Mark that day down as one of the most significant in American and World History. It’s the day the tides started turning, and the sadistic, manipulative power players of the world finally met their match – THE PEOPLE of the world, finally putting the pieces of the puzzle together and standing up against them en masse. The group may have started out as a few thousand, but in just three weeks, they have millions of supporters around the world, in spite of an intentional and equally deceptive media blackout, ordered by the big shots from their ivory towers.

Look, I am all for making money – after all, I am an entrepreneur that works 15 hours a day. I believe in a great work ethic and incentive to succeed big for working hard, gaining expertise and taking calculated risks. Capitalistic, competitive forces have a place at the table, and can make us all better. But raw, unbridled greed is devastatingly cancerous – and that is what we have right now in the world, led by the U.S., and powered by Wall Street. That’s why the protest started here – and must end here – with the complete reformation of the United States and global economic systems.

This – what is going on – is what real Democracy looks like.

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