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A Banker Bets on Organic Farming: Why You Should Too!

September 8, 2012

monsanto, organic farmingThe New York Times, which has unreal amounts of hidden corporate, political agendas that hide the truth from us all, also puts out some great content.  I was very happy to read this article, which – if what it suggests actually plays out – will be good for us all (except Monsanto and other selfish, (pure) profit-driven (at everyone else’s expense) type of companies.  The title is A Banker Bets on Organic Farming –  There is also a good Vanity Fair article about Monsanto here, while the link above is a more “PR-Legal sanitized” Wikipedia page, that also has some useful background information about the multi-billion dollar company.

I am sharing this article because it represents a ray of hope that (even) some bankers might have a conscience!  Or the argument can be made that, if people (consumers) raise their level of Consciousness, and start demanding better quality food, then the money will follow for proper investment into more harmonious, natural methods of food production and distribution.

There are so many other relevant topics here, that I will come to address over time.  In the meantime, for anyone who lands on this page, I recommend the following:

  1. Read the linked NY Times and Monsanto links up top
  2. Watch Food Inc, the documentary
  3. Read The Food Revolution by John Robbins
  4. Watch Food Revolution, the reality TV show, by Jamie Oliver
  5. Look into your local farmer’s markets and coop food sourcing opportunities, and be skeptical of what you buy from your local grocery stores

Your family, internal organs (and the environment) will thank you for it!

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