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5 Observations About Hurricane Sandy’s Impact

November 4, 2012

hurricane sandy, rescue efforts

A rescue worker carries an elderly woman to safety after Hurricane Sandy.

I am back in NY/NJ after 3 weeks away…and wow, it makes a big difference. I feel closer to it (Hurricane Sandy impact & aftermath) now.

5 Key Observations:
1) This thing is FAR from over…in fact, for hundreds of thousands of people – for all of us who are part of this Tri-State Area community – it has just begun.

2) People need help, they need major help…please do not tune out or let the moment pass without doing something, anything – my two suggestions: Prayer & Paypal, to support those who are local and can get out to help – if you are local, bring supplies and/or food to a local church or drop-off.  Here is one good resource, to directly help people in need in Staten Island, NY (where I grew up, and it’s estimated that over 100,000 people are in dire need).

3) People ARE HELPING their neighbors in ways that are inspiring. We’re not as independent or selfish as we often seem when life is on cruise control. Somehow, these devastations bring about the deep compassion within human hearts. How do we keep that empathy and Love ON all the time?

4) Major media under-reporting, and failed government support systems – for all the taxes we pay, it’s a shame that BILLIONS per WEEK are being spent trying to dominate & dictate to the World, while we can use those resources at home.

5) This is no coincidence, that it’s happened a week before a major election, in the much anticipated 2012, and while we’re manipulating this Beautiful Earth beyond the point of what is safe or natural – this is a clear wake-up call. Everything happens for a reason – if we don’t learn, it will keep happening; if we do learn the key lesson, this could be one of those profound moments when people got together – heart in heart, NOT every man for himself, and uplifted the World.

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