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10+ Years in the Making – Unveiling Timebug, my Time Management System

November 20, 2012

hourglass, timebugAfter 10+ years of R&D, with myself as Chief Scientist and guinea pig, I am finally at the point where I am ready to share.  This past Summer, I formalized the creation of the Timebug Research Institute (TRI), which has an ambitious mission of better understanding humanity and increasing our sense of balanced productivity and harmony through the development of Personal Intelligence Applications.

While our mobile app is still in early development stage and won’t be ready for use on Smartphones until Q2-2013, I am starting a series of 4-hour TEL Workshops (the first one aptly dated 12.12.12) whereby I will be teaching my Life Optimization methodology.  TEL stands for the Life Optimization formula of (Time * Energy = Life), or in other words – How we spend our Time (in Quantity), multiplied exponentially by the Quality of our Energy determines the Quality of our Life.

This initial workshop is focused on Goal-Setting, especially because the turn of the new year is the most popular time for people to really evaluate their lives and open their minds to possible changes.  For any of my loyal readers, please Tweet at me @arousta if you’re committed to attending, or promote the Workshop by Tweet or Facebook post, and I will make sure you get a promo code for the 12.12.12 event.  Depending on the level of interest and actual attendance, I will open up more TEL Workshop days around December and January, when New Year’s Resolutions are fresh in our minds.

Learn more about this fantastic opportunity to gain invaluable life, energy and time management skills, by visiting the TEL Workshop page.

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