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Getting your Life in Order: Timebug and The 9 Time Dimensions

April 21, 2013

9 time dimensionsDisorder causes chaos and disintegration.  It leads to dis-ease or disease.  Doctors and surgeons are very important people in that they address acute disease states by attempting to rid our body or whatever damage was caused by the root disorder.  However, there is a whole area of wellness, including the area of preventative healthcare, that can serve humanity far better than emergency or disease-state healthcare, if we brought its principles to the forefront of our minds and society.  There are movements, where Eastern medicine and systems, like Ayurveda, are coming to the West, which espouse this approach.

Timebug is a system that brings a fresh, new angle to Life Analytics and Personal Wellness.  It is about achieving your goals and attaining happiness through a balanced and holistic life approach.  The system and its adaptive monitoring tools help us connect our daily grind with the big picture, our life purpose.  That right there is where most people get off track and discouraged – connecting the 9 Spokes or Time Dimensions together, so that they are very clear on the question – “Why am I doing what I am doing right now?” (Right Now being the first Time Dimension – “The Present Moment”)

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