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It’s Halftime 2013! What’s The Score?

July 1, 2013


This is the midway point of 2013 – Halftime.  There is rarely a better time to reflect and make adjustments, if necessary, to prepare for the Second Half.  Here are some questions that I like to ask myself in preparation for H2.

  1. How am I right now – Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually?
  2. How was the first half of 2013, in terms of actual Time & Energy invested – across the 7 Life Categories and 43 Timebugs which I track – versus what I had pre-planned?  How does this chart out for the remainder of the year?  What areas require some re-planning?
  3. Did I achieve and engage in that which I had envisioned at the outset of 2013?  Do any of my Goals need to be revised?
  4. Who did I spend time with, and how did that make me feel? [Consider listing out the Top 5 people that you spent time with, and make some quick bulleted noted about those interactions, and your feelings]
  5. Did anything completely new come into my life this Half (ie. new business, a child, new home, new job, lost job, etc) and if so, how has that changed my outlook?

Beyond these questions, I also look at my Timebug data, to evaluate where my Energy has gone and what the major trends were.  There is plenty of time left in 2013, to make this year a successful one, by whatever standards you may have.  Try not to feel bad or self-judgmental if you didn’t do what you had planned to.  Life throws a lot of challenges and curve balls our way.  Adapt, regroup and get yourself mentally ready for a great second half!

Getting your Life in Order: Timebug and The 9 Time Dimensions

April 21, 2013

9 time dimensionsDisorder causes chaos and disintegration.  It leads to dis-ease or disease.  Doctors and surgeons are very important people in that they address acute disease states by attempting to rid our body or whatever damage was caused by the root disorder.  However, there is a whole area of wellness, including the area of preventative healthcare, that can serve humanity far better than emergency or disease-state healthcare, if we brought its principles to the forefront of our minds and society.  There are movements, where Eastern medicine and systems, like Ayurveda, are coming to the West, which espouse this approach.

Timebug is a system that brings a fresh, new angle to Life Analytics and Personal Wellness.  It is about achieving your goals and attaining happiness through a balanced and holistic life approach.  The system and its adaptive monitoring tools help us connect our daily grind with the big picture, our life purpose.  That right there is where most people get off track and discouraged – connecting the 9 Spokes or Time Dimensions together, so that they are very clear on the question – “Why am I doing what I am doing right now?” (Right Now being the first Time Dimension – “The Present Moment”)

What Makes a Great Day?

March 17, 2013 featured a 21-Point Great Day Checklist recently.  Here is a quick preview.

1. You felt energetic and strong

2. You loved someone and had a chance to show or express it somehow

3. Someone loved you and was able to show it

4. You did something productive and felt good about it

5. You solved a major or minor problem

6. You got paid, rewarded and/or acknowledged for your work (efforts)

7. Someone you care about did something positive

View the full great day checklist.