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Do Good, Be Scientific, Think Holistic.

September 16, 2012

Do Good (unto others).  Simple principle, but easier said than done.  And it’s not happening in much of the world, as well as many of our own daily interactions.  It’s amazing, riding the subways in New York and New Jersey (it’s probably the same in most major metropolitan cities around the world), to see how tuned out and insensitive people are to others.  Very few people get up for elderly or even pregnant women and children, to offer them seats on the train.  Zoned out into their ipods or books or snoozing, it looks like we’re a bunch of grumpy, tired corporate zombies, each fending for ourselves; with little compassion and little light in the eyes.  You can’t do good, I guess, if you just don’t have the Energy or Consciousness within yourself.  Therefore, we need to find ways to get (and keep) our energy up, so that we’re not on empty when it comes time to give good vibes out to others.

Be Scientific (in your approach to life and self-analysis).  Dario Salas calls it “Operative Philosophy”.  Others call it Personal Science.  I coined an acronym – PIA, which stands for Personal Intelligence Apps, which are tools that we use to conduct personal science.  A scientific approach turns “personal science” into “impersonal science”, as we step back from our vested interests and emotional positions, to try and observe our own behavior.  Documenting your observations is very helpful in this process.

Think Holistic (Objectively, about the All).  “80% of Doctors believe they’re in the Top 20%.”  It’s true, most people tend to over-evaluate themselves, at least when questioned, because of their natural bias about where they might stand.  Naturally, 80% of doctors – or any professional – can’t be in the top 20% in their field.  Being objective, about ourselves, others we’re close to, or anything that we’re emotionally invested in, is quite difficult.  It requires a great deal of maturity.  “Thinking Holistically” also means seeing the big picture, and not taking a short-sighted approach towards things.  We must connect the consequences of our decisions to not only our own future, but that of others (ie. “If I pollute today, it may impact the quality of air, water and overall living for others from the next generation.”)  If we “just don’t care” about anything other than ourselves, and whatever instant gratification we are now seeking, that is the opposite of holistic thinking…that’s called being selfish.  Try to catch yourself in those narcissistic little moments throughout the day, and open yourself up to the bigger picture, even if you feel that you can’t always see it.

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