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Greed and Immorality in NFL Coaching

January 7, 2013

Robert_Griffin_III_Knee_Injury_Video_Photo_Redskins_SeahawksWow.  Mike Shanahan, you really are a piece of work.  This is a prime example of greed and immorality being displayed by a person in a senior leadership position – an NFL Coach.  It’s also a good reminder that being a “great coach” by conventional standards (ie. having a winning record, winning championships, etc) does not equate with high character.

Its wrong to keep a player in a game at risk of their health and future.  What’s even worse is that he hasn’t accepted responsibility for putting the player at risk.  Grantland summed it up well.  I’ll be keeping a closer eye on sports, sports management and leaders within the industry, for these types of situations and the moral dilemmas that inevitably define them.

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